Cozy, brushed, soft, rough - knitwear comes in many textures. That's why it's particularly important to read the care label before you get yourself entangled in the wrong washing process.

Below are some of our basic tips for taking care of your knitwear.

Our Knitwear Care tips

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Exemplary care also includes exemplary handling of pilling. We recommend using a clothing brush instead of the typical lint roller. The brushing motion frees up natural oils in the wool and adds new shine to your knitwear.

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As commendable as hand washing is, your washing machine does it better. Select a temperature below 30 degrees and lean back and relax.

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Knitwear is to be envied, it remains in the best possible shape when left lying around. To dry, simply lay it on a towel after washing. And for storage, place it on a shelf.

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Keep your knitwear cool. Never set the washing machine to over 30 degrees and avoid the iron.

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